My Story

I was born into a family with two other brothers at the time. My younger brother was added to the family four years later. I had a wonderful family life with a great mom and terrific dad! Dad passed on a few years ago, but I thank the good Lord mom is still going strong.    I would like to fast forward to 1980 when I first meet my beautiful wife to be. We actually knew each other from a distance but came together in the Staten Island Ferry terminal. We started dating and got married five years later. Yes, I was a tough one to reel in, but I was worth it – I  think… A few years later we tried our hand at adoption and were just about to  give up when we received a call from a friend of ours who told us they have babies ready for adoption in Korea. Well, all  I had to do was a little creative financing and within 3 months we picked up our son. I will never forget the day. We had just appointed a new minister at our church and he and his family were moving in on the day my wife and I were up all night with our new son because of the time difference. I did help in unloading the moving van, but I truly do not know how I did it. That was eighteen plus years ago and our son now at college is making us very proud to say the least!

Now let me tell you about my experience within the Christian church. My wife and I had not gone to church in a number of months and  I was challenged by her to attend church, because her old minister had returned. Well, I can tell you I have never looked back. I was baptized in 1989 and made Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. For all of you out there who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior, I want to tell  you – don’t leave this world without getting to know him personally! He is  indeed the Way, the Truth and the Life!  For there is no one out there that compares to the Son of God, my Lord and Savior!

Check out this website  – from a former Atheist and be prepared to make a decision. Please be sure to check out all ten (10) tracks.

In 1998 we packed our bags and moved to North Carolina for some better weather and schools
for my son. If you did not know we had just recently come off one of our most  productive snow seasons ever in NY. After that I believe we had enough. It was  time to move on so we sold our house and lived with some friends of ours for three (3) months while looking for a new job. I starting looking for jobs over the Internet and with the good Lords help had to make a choice between two companies. One was in Columbus GA – a one horse town at the time, the other in Winston Salem NC. We chose the one in NC because the area had a lot more to offer than Columbus GA. I have now been at Wells Fargo Bank for almost fifteen years and enjoy what I am doing. The bank has some great benefits that I believe are a tremendous bonus for any job. I work with a bunch a great people and best of all my travel time is 35 minutes door to door by car. What a difference from the 1 hour 20 minutes subway – ferry –bus commute I used to have while working in NY. The Lord is good – indeed!

We have now been in NC for over fourteen (14) years and are really enjoying the weather
along with the other amenities it has to offer. NC has much to offer from sporting events, the arts, gem shows and everything in between.

In addition to our son, we had two peek-a-poos (dogs) named Coco and Chaz. Coco the girl, loved her treats, while Chaz loved his mom – my wife. The story behind getting the dogs is as follows:

I came home from work one day and scampering across the kitchen floor is this white fluff ball – Coco. Well, at the dinner table that night my wife mentions that Coco’s brother Chaz was also with her in the pen. She told such a sad story that we had to go back and get the brother. They did make a great team of watch dogs. Ha Ha Ha!!!!  My wife was told they would not get past six (6) pounds. Well in the end Coco weighed in at 14 pounds and Chaz was 12 pounds. So much for getting past six (6) pounds! I guess it must have be all the treats I used to give them. Coco and Chaz have since gone on to puppy heaven, but I will never forget them. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my story!

God Bless – Jesus Loves You!

“Instead of focusing on things which are seen, focus on the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are for a time; but the things which are not seen are eternal”