Latest Scams

There are four new scams which are making their rounds this week. Protect yourself from financial fraud and identity theft by reading these articles:

  1. Is Facebook Going To Start Charging?

You may be receiving a text these days from a legitimate friend on Facebook advising you on upcoming Messenger charges. However, see how the scam works HERE.

  1. Five (5) Scary WhatsApp Scams You Need To Be Aware Of

Whether is about a new feature update, a WhatsApp Gold version download, or even an incoming voicemail, beware of these dangerous WhatsApp scams – see HERE.

  1. Did You Get A Phone Call From A Google Specialist Offering To Get Your Business On Their First Page? Here Is The Scam

Do you own a business? Chances are, soon enough you will be receiving a phone call from a Google specialist offering to make your website climb to the first page of the search engine, very fast. How to avoid being a victim HERE.

  1. Are You A Gambler? If You Are Betting On Sports Be Aware Of The Arbitrage Scam

The gambling industry passes over $100 billion every year. If you bet on your favourite games, you may be falling for the Sports Arbitrage Betting Scam – see HERE.

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Have a safe week!