Latest Scams

Here are five new scams that are going around this week. Please protect yourself from financial fraud:

  1. You Are Being Sued Scam

This scam continues to go strong as it started last year and makes victims even more, today. It is a phone call you may receive about a civil complaint that is being filed against you (article contains an audio file with scammer caught on tape).

  1. Home Improvement: Renovations Fraud

You may be looking at improving the aspect of your house occasionally, so make sure you don’t fall for these deceptive practices pulled by criminals in your neighbourghood.

  1. Electronic Travel Authorization Scam

Canada implemented recently a fee for the new travelers flying into the country. If you are planning to go there this year, be careful about this scam.

  1. Wells Fargo Account Lockdown Scam

Do you have an account with Wells Fargo? Beware of a new phone call or text message going around these days, very convincing.

  1. Realtor Racist Comments Scam

Do you know anyone who is a real estate professional? Let them know about the newest scam in their industry!

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Have a safe week!


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