Latest Scams

Please click on the links seen below on the most recent scams from the past week. This information is brought to you by:


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I just wanted to share with you the 5 most notorious scams this week, so you can protect yourself or your family from financial fraud:



  1. Speeding Ticket Scam
  2. Amazon Shopping Credits Scam
  3. Scratch Card Winner Scam
  4. Facebook Fortune Program Scam
  5. Instagram Scams



The Traffic Ticket Scam is a new one and occurs nowadays with criminals knowing your first name, last name and even city. They reference your local Police and even “offer” you the picture of your car speeding. Learn how to avoid the scam HERE.


In other news, if you are an Amazon user, this shopping credits scam up next has been hitting millions of accounts out there. Don’t be a victim, read the article HERE.


Feel free to keep your family and friends aware of these scams by sharing them on social media.


Have a safe week!



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