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There are ten new scams we want to warn you about this week. Some are brand new, while some are old but deceivingly returning with a new twist. Protect yourself from criminals by reading these ten articles:


1. Utilities Bill Payment Scam

Are you one of the good citizens who pays his/her monthly utilities on time? Beware of the latest scam involving the Government. Read how it works HERE.


2. Facebook is Adding Fees

This scam is back, this time stronger than ever. Very convincing, the Facebook Charges hoax has been extremely active on social media in the last few days. See HERE.


3. Airline Credit Scam

If you book your own flights be very careful about this trick! Con artists are out to get you right when you think nothing can go wrong. Read how the scam works HERE.


4. iTunes Gift Card Scam

As long as iTunes remains popular, so do the rip-offs and schemes referencing its name. Since gift cards are convenient items worldwide, criminals hit hard with THIS scam.


5. Portable Breathalyzer Test Scam

Did you know that there are certain foods that will make you fail a breathalyzer test? Here they are, along with the Portable Breathalyzer Test scam. Read HERE.


6.How You Can Lose Thousands of Dollars in a Few Hours: Travel Clubs

Are you one of those people who like to travel? What if you would be a member of a travel club that is making that easier? See how the Travel Club scam works and some legitimate travel opportunities HERE.

7.  Facebook Album Image Scam

We’re assuming you have a Facebook account, so beware of the newest scam going around these days. See how the Facebook Album Picture trick works HERE.

8. Order a Car History Report For Your Vehicle

This scam targets people who are selling their vehicles, so feel free to share the article with whoever you think is in that position or might consider it important. Read HERE.

9. Fake Netflix Offer

The Netflix scam keeps coming back every few months. It’s our mandate to make you aware of every single one of them when they have new twists. Here is how the Fake Netflix Offer looks like HERE

10. Five Forex Scams You Should Be Aware Of

If you own a business you then know the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing tips, especially online. That’s where your sales might skyrocket if you’re doing it right. However, beware of this Online Marketing Scam HERE.


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