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There are fifteen new scams we want to warn you about. They vary in subject, from Police investigation phone calls to installing malware on your computer. Protect yourself from criminals by reading these five articles:


  1. Are You Paying with Your Credit Card at the Grocery Store? Here Is How You May Become a Victim of the Latest Scam

This scam is targeted at those who shop at any kind of store – for groceries, electronics, etc. – and pay with their credit card. Are you one of them? The problem is, you may soon become a victim of this notorious scam. See how it works HERE.

  1. Do You Know How To Tell The Difference Between Real Gold and Fake?

Gold never goes old and is probably the safest investment you can make. However, most of the victims of the scam fall for the tempting random offers that come in front of them. See one of them HERE.

  1. Fake Amazon Shipment

Are you an Amazon user? There are 300 millions out there, so no wonder scams like this occur every day. Read how the Fake Amazon Shipment scam works HERE.

  1. Magazine Subscription Scam

Here is a very sneaky scam, which is growing in ‘popularity’. Paper magazines? Old school. Online magazines? There is a big scam for that, too! Read HERE.

  1. How You Can Install a Virus on Your Computer Through Twitter Private Messages

Twitter is still going strong and you might occassionally use it – or maybe you do it a lot more. Beware of private messages that, once clicked, install malware on the your computer. Read HERE.

  1. The Air Conditioning Scam Hits As Summer Comes

The scam is also known as the AC Repair Houston Scheme, regardless of where you live. As temperatures are getting hotter by the day this time of the year (except in Australia and NZ), beware! See how the scam works here: AC Repair Houston fraud.

  1. Voice Message Email Scam

The technology advances so fast that we can now receive video and voice messages in a lot of ways, including through apps and emails. However, beware of the lastest Voice Message Scam – exposed HERE.

  1. Gas Station Approach

Imagine this: you’re at the gas station, filling your tank. A well-dressed gentleman approaches and says he ran out of gas two blocks away. Would you help him? You wouldn’t believe how much money per day make these scammers. See HERE.

  1. Medical Alert Systems Reviews: The Scam Victimizing Your Parents

There are so many scams out there that is hard even to keep track of all. Warn your parents and other elders about this hideos one. It comes as a phone call targeting seniors, banking on the fact that they are a very accesible prey. Read HERE.

  1. 12 Funeral Scams Your Should Be Aware Of TODAY

Funerals are usually organized in a hurry, with a few exceptions. You don’t really know when one of your family member’s time is up, so it’s a smart thing to be aware of these bunch of funeral scams at any time. Read HERE.

  1. List of Scamming Websites: Add Your Experience

Did you ever have a bad online shopping experience? Add yours to this article and expose the scammers. You can also learn how to know if a website is fake HERE.

  1. Facebook Blocking Your Account: Authenticate Your Profile

Also known as the Facebook Authentic Account Scam, this trick is luring Facebook users into giving away their login credentials. Read how the scam works HERE.

  1. Best Buy Text Message Scam

Best Buy is still going strong as a business, thanks to all the repeat customers and promotions that the company holds periodically. However, beware of the Best Buy Text Message scam – see how it works HERE.

  1. Pinterest Password Change

If you are a Pinterest user, beware of the latest scam: Pinterest Password Reset aka Pinterest Login scheme. Watch the video in THIS article to see how the scam works.

  1. FIFA 2018 World Cup Scams 

You may not go to Russia for the FIFA 2018 World Cup, but you may become a victim of some of the Internet scams related to the big soccer event that starts next week. See how they work HERE.

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