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There are five new scams that we want to warn you about this week. Protect yourself from fraud by reading these articles and feel free to share your experiences if you know of any suspicious practices:

  1. Amazon Brushing Scheme: How You’re Buying Stuff With Fake Reviews


Do you buy anything from Amazon? If you do, you check the reviews first, right? And if they’re great, you purchase the item, yes? What if we tell you that there are tons of products that have fake reviews out there? See how Amazon Brushing works – Read HERE.


  1. How Your Computer May Be Subject Of Browser Hijacking


Many people have Google as their homepage when they open the Internet. What’s the first page that shows up on your computer? Beware of the Browser Hijacking – Read HERE.


  1. Facebook No Swearing Campaign


In a similar way to the Facebook Copyright Protection and Facebook Privacy Notice, a new wave of shares these days is promoting a No Swearing Campaign. Read HERE.


  1. New Renter Moving In Scam


Are you looking for a renter or a roommate? Do you know of anyone who does? Here is a serious scam to be aware of, which comes in two variations. Read HERE.


  1. Wallet Drop Trick


This is a very premeditated scam and could happen to you in your city or while you’re traveling. It’s a pure stealing move while you’re being distracted. Read HERE.

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