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There are four new scams that we want to warn you about this week, especially the first one, that may sound weird to you: Electronic Pickpocketing. Protect yourself from fraud by reading these four articles:

1. Electronic Pickpocketing: How Criminals Scan Your Wallet

This dangerous activity is back on the top complaint lists, making the purchase of RFID wallets like Mt Everest (men) or ITSLIFE (women) a must. See how the scam works HERE.

2. One-Ring Call Scam: How You Can Easily Fall For It

Did it ever happen to you to get a phone call but right before picking up it stops ringing? The One-Ring scam is back this week. Read how it works HERE.

3. Order Your Credit Report: Hidden Scam in The Fine Print

Was there a time in your life when you were wondering how to get your credit report? There are ads on the Internet promoting free credit reports, but when you decide to do it THIS is what happens.

4. Auto Insurance Sold On Whatsapp: Big Deals, Bigger Lies

Use Whatsapp much? A scam is circulating these days on the popular app promoting a cut-rate auto insurance policy. Well-known company names are involved. Read HERE.

Have a safe week!

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Have a safe week!

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