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It is wise for you to know these five new scams that we want to warn you about. They are very prevalent these days and might affect your financials if you don’t avoid them. Protect yourself from fraud by reading these five articles:

  1. New Criminal Activity: The Port Out Scam

A port out happens when your phone network carrier changes but your number remains the same. Scammers switch your provider! See how the scam works HERE.

  1. 8 Valentine’s Day Scams That You Need To Avoid Today

Whether you celebrate it or not, Valentine’s Day could get you into trouble this week and the next one. How? Your computer is at risk. Read HERE.

  1. The Power of a Good TV Show: Property Brothers Scam

Property Brothers is a great TV show on HGTV. They’re legitimately looking for random people to help by improving their houses and raising their value. Applications are taken these days from everywhere (you could apply too, for real), but beware of THIS scam.

  1. Fake Blackmail: Cheating Spouse Scam

What if you receive a letter in your mailbox, with your own name on it, accusing you of infidelities? Beware of this fake blackmail trick using Bitcoin to lure people in. We’re sure you’re not relating, but share this good read. HERE is how the scam works.

  1. How To Get Free Spotify Premium Membership

If you like music you probably know what Spotify is. However, be careful about this decoy in getting Spotify Premium membership for a great deal – free! Read HERE.

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