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There are twelve new scams that we want to warn you about this week as they are making their rounds and are very easy to fall for. Protect yourself from financial fraud by reading these twelve articles:

  1. Here Is How You Give Criminals Access To Your Phone Without Knowing

This scam is going strong these days as it’s only using a phone and Caller ID spoofing to make victims fall hard for it. Read how it works and how to avoid HERE.

  1. Free Airline Tickets Scam

The tickets and the vouchers look so realistic that the scam is very hard to avoid. And it is using the regular mail, with official-looking documents. Read HERE.

  1. Teeth Whitening at Home Scam

Technology and medical treatments are advancing so fast nowadays that ‘miracle’ products really do a good job at saving the day. However, beware of this scam HERE.

  1. Admin Assistant Job Offer Scam

There are sure tough times to supplement one’s income these days. That is why this scam is extremely prevalent on all the employment platforms. Educate yourself HERE.

  1. Free Nursing Home Stay Scam

This scam is targeting all seniors, so make sure you warn your parents, friends or everyone else who is over 60. Diabolic. Read HERE.

  1. Credit Card Rates Are Going Up: A Scam On the Rise

This scam is hitting voicemails and phones across the globe and refer to your credit card interest rates, which are “subject to increase immediately”. Read how to avoid HERE.

  1. The Money Mule Scam

This scam is offering the impression of adding money to your fixed income, but is more dangerous because it could get you in law’s hands besides losing your money and identity. Read HERE.

  1. Post Mail Received During Holidays Scam

Some of us might still receive late mail from the holidays season, but be aware of this Post Office Storage Fee scam! Read how it works HERE.

  1. Fight Obesity in School Scam

As back-to-school time is a hectic one for parents even after the winter holidays, scammers hit back with with an old trick, using the ‘pay for school meals’ technology. Beware of this scam HERE.

  1. Free Laptop Promotion Scam

Be aware of a new scam going around this week using brands like VISA, Mastercard or AmEx to promise a tempting benefit. How does the scam work? Read HERE.

  1. One of the Most Clever Scams You’ll Ever See: The Interview Request

Here is a sneaky scam preying on people naivety when it comes to vanity and freebies. You receive an email or a voicemail from someone wanting to interview you for a popular publication or a TV station. Then this happens HERE.

  1. How to Become a Travel Agent From Home Scam

If you like to travel, would you get a travel certification in order to save 50% of your expenses every single when you book a trip? Of course you would. Beware of this scam HERE.

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