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There are four new scams that are making their rounds in this beginning of 2018. Protect yourself from financial fraud by reading these articles:

  1. Credit Card Rates Are Going Up: A Scam On the Rise

This scam is hitting voicemails and phones across the globe and refer to your credit card interest rates, which are “subject to increase immediately”. Read how to avoid HERE.

  1. The Money Mule Scam

This scam is offering the impression of adding money to your fixed income, but is more dangerous because it could get you in law’s hands besides losing your money and identity. Read HERE.

  1. Post Mail Received During Holidays Scam

Some of us might still receive late mail from the holidays season, but be aware of this Post Office Storage Fee scam! Read how it works HERE.

  1. Fight Obesity in School Scam


As back-to-school time is a hectic one for parents even after the winter holidays, scammers hit back with with an old trick, using the ‘pay for school meals’ technology. Beware of this scam HERE.

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