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This past weekend has marked unfortunately the deadliest mass shooting in America’s history – the Las Vegas tragedy. As usual in times like this, criminals come out of the woods to victimize people even more.


There are seven scams, hoaxes, and fake new that perpetrated yesterday, after the shooting. There they are below, as well as a couple of other fraudulent practices that are making their rounds this week. Protect yourself by reading these 3 articles and share them on social media if you find them helpful:


7 Scams That Perpetrated After The Las Vegas Shooting


Some of these hoaxes have been exposed, others are still going strong. However, see how they all work HERE.


Brilliant Scam Using Phones And Tablets For Sale


If you are in searches for a new phone or tablet and found one in town for a good price, beware of this brilliant move that scammers pull with confidence – see HERE.


How You Can Get Fooled When A Facebook Friend Invites You On Skype


This is an interesting one, yet very dangerous. It could compromise your computer in an instant if you fall for it. See how to avoid being a victim HERE.


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