Latest Scams

Please click on the links seen below on the most recent scams from the past week. This information is brought to you by:


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Here are five new scams that are going around this week. Please protect yourself from financial fraud:

1. This Is How Scammers Hack Your Social Media Accounts

People always wonder: “How did the scammer hack into my account?” Well, here is how easy one can get into your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest inboxes!

2. Cell Phone Bill Discount Scam

What if your cell phone network provider calls one day and says that there are huge extra long-distance charges on your bill?

3. Receipt From Apple Scam

If you are an Apple user this is one of the easiest scams to fall for. Beware!

4. Notice To Appear In Court Scam

Being called in court could be a very intimidating experience in itself. Scammers know this, too. Look out for an email or phone call going around this week.

5. Citizen Benefits Package Scam

Are you interested in improving your overall benefits, from health coverage and retirement to property taxes and eventual tuition fees? Watch out for this scam.

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Have a safe week!

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